Ode to the Road


On two wheels at the Advanced Stop Line

Commuting cyclists bide their time

Lights at amber, it’s his turn next

The car is in gear and he’s sent that text

They hear the engine revving at full throttle

Let’s hope they keep both their balance and their bottle

Whilst the Mayor of London promotes Santander bikes

“It’s a great form of transport for the old and young alike”

Cuts down congestion, keeps people on the move

In time, health and air pollution will radically improve

But potholes, glass and sharp stones brings the puncture fairy

Losing air in tyres when on the move is very scary.


Balance and bad weather, wet roads and drizzly rain

These are constant hazards needing riders to ascertain.

Strong winds, deep puddles, wet paint and misty visors

Along with the possibility of pedestrians surprises

Whether with or without engines, two wheeled machines alike

Should prompt a conscious and frequent thought “Please Think Bike”.


Drivers of large vehicles, lorries and the like

Never seem to see the viewpoint of the road from a bike

High up in their cabins these drivers should know

What is all around them – but with blind spots that’s not so

And no amount of mirrors, cameras or hindsight

Will show two-wheeled travellers tucked alongside tight.




They remain big, dangerous and far too close for comfort

The three feet rule should be extended not extinguished  – there’s a thought

And their turning curve is a learning curve to all of us near it

They have to pull out one way to turn and avoid the pavement

So on two wheels keep your distance, well back or far ahead

The devastating results of neither – well, enough said.



The road is enticing but not to be predicted

Please share it well and stop bad things being inflicted

Whether on wheels or on foot  it is something that we share

Whatever mode you use, do look around you, be aware

Enjoy each trip, look out for others with kindness and with care

Because it is full of loved ones absolutely everywhere.


(c) Lucy Frith January 2013

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